PEST template

Any company exists in close unity with the external environment that plays an important role in its life. The environment has a diverse impact on the company, which can be shown in various forms, providing favorable conditions and opportunities for effective business functioning or creating a threat to its existence.

The external environment is numerous and heterogeneous in composition. It includes a large number of components that have varying in degree, nature and periodicity impact on the company. This includes economic, political, legal, social, technological and other components. The changes that occur in the external environment, the increase in its complexity and uncertainty, intensify this impact.

The PEST template is designed to identify these factors, present them in a clear form, help to understand the situation, and make right conclusions. High quality is the main advantage of this unique slide. No visible pixels and other defects in any case. The use of free Google fonts let you use the template without additional fonts installation. It is easy to work with it. You will be able to make analysis in a few minutes, facilitate your responsibilities, and save working time!    

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