PESTEL analysis PowerPoint


What is the PESTEL analysis PowerPoint for?

PEST analysis (sometimes referred to as STEP) is a widely-used useful marketing tool that is designed to find out the political, economic, social and technological aspects of the external environment that affect the company’s business. The policy is studied because it regulates the power that in its turn determines the company’s environment and obtaining key resources for its activities. The main reason for economy studying is the creation of a picture of resources distribution at the state level, which is the most important condition for the operation of the enterprise. Using the social component of PEST analysis, the consumer preferences are determined. The last factor is the technological component. The purpose of its research is considered to be the identification of trends in technological development, which often cause the changes and losses of the market, as well as the emergence of new products. The analysis is carried out according to the “factor-enterprise” scheme. The results of the analysis are formulated in the form of a matrix. The results of the PEST analysis allow us to assess the external economic situation in the sphere of production and commercial activity. PESTLE analysis is an expanded version of the PEST analysis. Two factors (Legal and Environmental) are added. Sometimes other formats are used, for example, SLEPT analysis (plus Legal factor) or STEEPLE analysis: Socio-demographic, technological, economic, environmental (natural), political, legal and ethnic factors. Also, the geographical factor can be taken into account.

The composition of the template.

The PESTEL analysis PowerPoint consists of 34 unique useful slides for the mentioned analysis. It is equipped with all elements and tools necessary for a convenient and effective work. On the slides, there are lots of various types and designs of PESTLE analysis. Due to the use of free Google fonts, there is no need to additionally install the fonts. 7 pre made color themes are at your disposal, you can choose what you like. Retina ready is present. These slides help you to present information structurally and logically, consider the problem from different sides, make right conclusions, design the necessary way of development.

The advantages of the PEST template:

  1. Excellent quality. Our template is of high quality. While showing your project on the projector or other high-resolution displays, the slides won’t have visible pixels, blurred parts, other defects. The template is also printable. You can freely print the handouts without worries.
  2. A ready-made easy-to-use template. Ready-made slides are designed to help you at work, be your assistant at meetings and conferences. The template let you save time and enjoy the process of work facilitating it! As the slides are easy-to-use, you can be sure that absolutely any user regardless the level of computer literacy will be able to understand the principles of work with it and successfully use the slides.
  3. Vector elements. Built-in tools make your work easier and extend a range of opportunities. It is possible to edit colors, shape, size in two clicks.
  4. Multipurpose slides. The slides are widely used in any business and marketing presentation, analysis. It allows to consider the problem, describe the topic from different sides, mark crucial points of the issue. Presenting the PESTEL analysis on our slides, you will create a good reputation and prove yourself as a professional.
  5. Free 24/7 support. If there are questions left, feel free to call us. We will help you and answer all your questions.

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