PESTEL and PEST Analysis PowerPoint and Keynote Pack

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PEST analysis is a strategic tool used to evaluate the external macro-environmental factors affecting an organization or industry. The acronym stands for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors. By examining these elements, businesses can identify potential opportunities and threats, aiding in long-term planning and decision-making.

Understanding PESTEL, PEST and PESTLE Analysis Templates

In the realm of business analysis, understanding the external environment is crucial. One of the most effective tools for this is the PEST and PESTEL analysis. These templates, designed for PowerPoint and Keynote, offer a structured approach to evaluate the external factors affecting a business or industry.

  • PEST is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors.
  • PESTEL further extends this by including legal and environmental factors.

Both analyses help businesses understand the big picture of the environment they operate in, highlighting potential threats and opportunities.

Features of the Templates

  • Aspect Ratios: The templates come in two popular aspect ratios – 16:9, 16:10 and 4:3, making them versatile for various presentation needs.
  • Full Editability: Every component of the templates is fully editable, allowing users to customize them according to their specific requirements.
  • Vector Shapes: The use of vector shapes ensures that the graphics remain sharp and professional, regardless of how much they’re resized.

How to Use the Templates

Step 1: Choose the desired aspect ratio for your presentation.

Step 2: Begin with the political factors. Consider the political climate, stability, and potential political issues that may affect your business.

Step 3: Dive into economic factors. This includes understanding interest rates, inflation, economic growth, and how they affect the business landscape.

Step 4: Examine social factors. Understand how population growth, socio-cultural changes, and disposable income levels can influence consumer behavior.

Step 5: Analyze technological advancements and how these technological factors affect the market for your goods and services.

Step 6 (For PESTEL): Delve into legal factors that could impact your operations and the environmental factors that could either pose threats or offer opportunities.

Step 7: Once the analysis is complete, use the findings to inform your business plan, strategic planning process, and market research.

Why Use PEST and PESTEL Analysis Templates?

  • Comprehensive View: The templates provide a holistic view of the external environment, ensuring no critical factor is overlooked.
  • Strategic Planning: PEST analysis helps in identifying areas of your business that need attention, ensuring you’re prepared for potential challenges.
  • Market Understanding: PEST analysis can help in understanding market growth, competitor landscape, and potential new business opportunities.
  • Regular Updates: It’s beneficial to conduct a PEST analysis every few months or whenever significant external changes occur. This ensures your business remains adaptive and proactive.


While both tools are invaluable for understanding the business environment, PESTLE analysis offers a more in-depth look by including legal and environmental factors. Depending on the industry and region, businesses might prefer one over the other.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking at launching a new business, gauging potential business opportunities, or simply wanting to stay ahead of the curve, these PEST factors slides and PESTEL templates are essential tools. They not only help in understanding the economic and political factors but also provide insights through an economic and technological lens. By regularly updating your analysis, you ensure that your business remains resilient and competitive in an ever-changing market.


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