PESTEL model for Keynote


What is the PESTEL model for Keynote for?

The PESTEL analysis is widely used as a general model, when identifying external aspects, often associated with the authorities’ actions that affect competition in the industry. Its name is the acronym for the following six groups of these aspects: political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal. PESTLE analysis is a simple and convenient method for analyzing the macro environment of an enterprise. The PEST analysis methodology is often used to assess the industry’s key market trends, and the results of this analysis can be used to determine the list of threats and opportunities in the company’s SWOT analysis. PESTEL analysis is a tool for long-term strategic planning and is compiled for 3-5 years ahead, with an annual update of the data. Decision-making specialists of the organization often face great difficulties in determining the essence of the macro environment, as well as the boundaries of its field of activity. Factors reflecting the problems of interpretation are the structuring of significant studies, the manifestation of financial impact, the synthesis of short- and long-term results, the lack of involvement of senior management in the analysis, the difficulty in implementing potential opportunities in action plans and time, and the resources required for accurate analysis. Our ready-made template will help you to cope with these difficulties and create a full-scale informative analysis on the basis of given information. The PEST analysis will help you when considering industry problems with the help of brainstorming. Use this analysis if you are able to carry it out, but always keep in mind its limitations.

The compositions of the PESTEL model for Keynote.

The template is comprised of 34 unique slides with PEST analysis. 5 pre made colors are at your disposal. All necessary tools and elements are present in the template. It is designed to help you at work and facilitate it. On the slides, there are different types and designs of the PESTLE analysis. It can be made in the form of a matrix with several parts or in tabular form. As we used free Google fonts in our template, you won’t have to install additional fonts. The template is designed to describe not just the current state of each factor, but predict its change for the next 3-5 years. It is the evaluation of the factor influence on the company’s profit in the long-term period that allows you to apply the data obtained to form a strategy.

The advantages of our template:

  1. High quality. The last moments before speech are always a bit nervous. It is important to be sure that your project is perfect and will help you at a meeting or conference. Our template is characterized by excellent quality. There won’t be visible pixels and other defects. The slides are also printable. If you need the handouts that are so popular at meetings, you can print them without worries.
  2. Built-in tools. Due to the vector elements applied to the template, it is possible to edit shape, colors, size of infographics and other elements in two clicks.
  3. A multipurpose template. The template is aimed at presenting a qualitative project where all possible sides are regarded. You can use it for any report or analysis. The template is a perfect tool for business and marketing what are its main fields of use.
  4. Easy-to-use ready-made slides. This characteristic makes your work more efficient and easy. Save time creating analysis in a few minutes. With such presentation, you will prove yourself as a professional.
  5. Free 24/7 support. Feel free to call us in case of having any questions.

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