PESTLE analysis diagram

What is the template for?

PESTLE analysis is a strategic tool that classifies the influence of environmental factors surrounding the business in the following categories: Political, Social, Economic, Environmental, Technological, and Legal features. PESTLE analysis not only reveals all the significant environmental factors, but also analyzes the power of their impact on business, on the decision, on the project for which the research is carried out.

In our PESTLE analysis diagram template, the results are represented in a tabular model in which all the significant factors are reflected and classified, and for each of them an estimated impact strength and the probability of change is given. PEST-analysis is widely used in:

  • assessing the current strategic status of the company;
  • developing and monitoring the implementation of the strategy;
  • launching an investment project;
  • entering new markets, etc.

Having information on the most significant factors, the company’s head or strategy specialist is able to find and use the opportunities presented, as well as to prepare for probable or inevitable negative events. PESTLE as a strategic analysis tool allows you to prioritize actions for promoting or accounting for risks, identify potential for improving the current situation of the company, find possible ways to implement the operational strategy. PEST analysis should also confirm that the company takes into account the existing realities of its environment in its work.

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