PESTLE report

PESTLE-analysis is an effective method that promotes a common understanding of the market, determining the position of the organization, prospects for development and direction of business. It is an extended version of a classic PEST-analysis. Legal and Ecological factors are added.

The PESTEL report represents a one-slide template for an easy and quick work. The design is modern and creative. When using this slide at a meeting or conference, you will attract the audience’s attention and create a good reputation of a professional presenting an informative qualitative project or analysis.

The main advantages can be listed as following:

  1. High quality. While working with a ready-made template, it is important to be sure that it is of excellent quality and won’t lose it while presenting the analysis on the project, for example. Our template remains its perfect quality and won’t have visible pixels or other defects. It is also a printed slide.
  2. Free Google fonts. The installation of additional fonts is useless. You can work with the template confidently.
  3. A ready-made slide. The template helps you to work productive, create analysis and projects quickly. It will be your assistant that will facilitate work and save time.

This type of analysis is usually used to create a marketing or business plan as a tool determining the state of the macroeconomic environment of the enterprise. For convenience, the analyzed factors are made in the form of a table. The analysis lets you answer the question what aspects of the external environment can affect the demand and position of the company in a competitive environment?

The most effective tool can be used in conducting market research and strategic planning in the company. It is a multipurpose slide for marketing and business.

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