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porter five forces template keynote


Since the time of Adam Smith, the theory of market relations has significantly changed. Both theoretical base, and applied branches have been developed. In the field of competition studying, porter five-factor model is currently very popular. With its help, it is possible to make a detailed analysis of the market environment and develop a strategy for counteraction.

A brief description of the model

The essence of Porter’s theory is in the differentiation of competitive forces and the analysis of each force separately. The theory is successful, judging by the fact that M. Porter cooperated with many companies and businesses, all of which have achieved success in competition.

Porter considers that the weakness of the company lies in the fact that the managers regard the problem of competition quite narrowly and boil down the problem to the competition between equal enterprises. While competition is a set of basic forces that affect the economic viability of a company. The main 5 porter’s forces are:

  • The level of competition within the industry;
  • The introduction of substitute goods;
  • Problems with suppliers;
  • Problems with consumers;
  • The threat of new competitors.

Let’s regard each force more detailed:

  1. The level of competition within the industry. This part of the model implies the analysis of the industry and what factors are behind the problems of competition. M. Porter introduced the term “entry barrier”. Thus, according to porter five factor model, the intensity of competition is also determined by the following factors:
  • High entry barrier;
  • Similarity of offered products;
  • The level of costs for the production (stable high cost price).
  1. The introduction of substitute goods. On the market, there is always the possibility of the introduction of new types of goods of the same purpose. The task of management is to anticipate the possibility of replacing goods and respond to such facts in a timely manner. A new product on the market can be cheaper or meet higher requirements. This threat can be prevented if the company’s pricing and marketing policies are properly organized. For instance:
  • Advertising attacks attract attention to the product and distract from the possibility of its replacement.
  • Price competition can switch the buyer’s attention to low prices instead of concentrating on quality.
  • The production of new attractive products within the company reduces the possibility of commodity substitution.
  1. Problems with suppliers. Analyzing porter five factor model, you will find out that the suppliers have the same competitive environment, defined by the same criteria. Therefore, their power is defined by the following:
  • The presence of large supplier companies. Possibility of monopoly.
  • The uniqueness of the goods supplied.
  • The lack of supplies will lead to the liquidation of the company itself.

The suppliers can freely increase prices for supplied goods or decrease the list of provided goods or services.

  1. Problems with consumers. According to porter five factor model, consumers influence competitiveness not less than other factors. Their power is determined by the following criteria:
  • Level of awareness of commodity substitutes and application areas;
  • The degree of importance of the product to the consumer;

A strong consumer can:

  • Put pressure on prices to reduce them;
  • Require high quality;
  • Require better service;
  • Push manufacturers with each other.
  1. The threat of new competitors. The risk of the emergence of new players in the existing niche is determined by the economic attractiveness and the entry barriers into the business, for example:
  • Price attractiveness of entering the market;
  • Low cost of production organization;
  • Easiness of entering the business (entry barrier).

What is the template for?

Well, as you see the porter’s 5 models are necessary for every businessman, entrepreneur, and other employees who deal with company’s development strategies. Without this analysis, you won’t be able to regard the situation and the market as a whole from all its sides, see the picture on the market. The model helps you to make a constructive analysis, identify all the competitive threats, assess your chances, as well as predict further development of your business.

Therefore, it is likely that this model sooner or later will become the subject of one of your meetings. As presentations and other visual tools have become an indispensable element of the majority of conferences and meetings, we are ready to offer a wide range of professional premade templates.

The composition of the template

This page is devoted to porter five forces template. This template is available for Keynote software and is comprised of 30 professional high-quality slides. We provide 7 premade color themes among which you can choose the most appropriate one. On the sample, you can see a full pack of various ready-made slides designed for this model. Such a great variety of various slides allows everyone to find the necessary element. They differ in design and structure. Thus, some of the samples are more schematic while the other part is more creative (with various illustrations, tables, images).

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. This porters 5 forces template as all our elements represented on this site is of high quality. We pay particular attention to this characteristic since the presentation serves as an image-maker for every speaker, and therefore it is important for them to feel confident that the visual aid will be free of visible defects. We guarantee the quality of our templates and confirm that they do not lose quality when displayed on any high-resolution devices (such as screens, projectors, and other office equipment). Make no doubt that the use of such professional ready-made porter’s five forces template will impress your audience as well as demonstrate your skills and competence.
  1. Built-in tools. A full set of necessary built-in tools is applied to this slides’ pack. These elements make your work easier and more efficient. Due to them, it is possible to edit all vector elements in two clicks.
  1. Multipurpose template. As we’ve found out, this analysis is crucial for each enterprise, company, or business. So, this porter analysis template can be used for each project or presentation that is related to this topic.
  1. Easy-to-use premade slides. Working with these slides, you’ll spend significantly less time for presentations creation. You’ll be able to do this task in a few minutes simplifying your responsibilities and saving working time. Moreover, the employees do not necessarily have to have additional knowledge to cope with this template pack.
  1. Visualization elements. These are tools without which no successful presentation is made, because various charts models, tables, illustrations, infographics, and other visualization elements are aimed at:
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Therefore, this porter five forces template is comprised of a whole set of premade visual tools that help you to attractively and clearly display information.

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