Porter s model

What is the Porter s model slide for?

Are you thinking of starting a business? Opening a restaurant or a food truck? Maybe an online store or a service? Even a quick analysis of the Porter’s five forces can help you to identify the problems that you are likely to face, and the opportunities that you can benefit from. And our Porter’s model slide makes the process of information organization and presentation easier and clearer.

To choose the desired competitive position in the business, first of all, you have to start by assessing the industry to which it belongs. To accomplish this task, you should understand the fundamental factors that determine the profitability of the industry in the long term, because it is profitability that is the most important indicator of the attractiveness of the industry.

The most famous and widely used model for assessing the attractiveness of the industry is the model of Porter’s five competitive forces. The Porter model assumes that there are five main forces that shape the structure of the industry:

  • the intensity of competition among competitors within the industry;
  • the threat from potential competitors that are outside the industry but are about to enter;
  • the threat from substitute goods,
  • the power of buyers;
  • the power of suppliers.

These five forces determine the boundaries of prices, costs, investment requirements, which are the main factors for determining the profitability of the industry in the long run, and, therefore, for the attractiveness of the industry. Thus, this model is useful for any kind of business, that’s why we are glad to introduce this ready-made template.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality. If you want to find a stable reliable tool for business presentations, meetings, conferences, here it is. You can freely demonstrate it on the displays with any resolution and be sure that there won’t be visible pixels and other defects.
  1. Editable vector elements. These tools help to simplify the process of presentations creation.
  1. A multipurpose slide. As the model itself is highly popular, the slide is also in demand in any business, marketing, economic organization or enterprise.
  1. An easy-to-use premade slide. This tool will help you to simplify the working process, create projects, analysis in a few minutes, and work with pleasure. This convenient slide not only saves time, but also helps to express the topic consistently, attract the audience, and involve them in the process of discussion.
  2. Free 24/7 support.

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