Porter’s five forces model PPT

What is the Porter’s five forces model PPT slide for?

The competition theory of Michael Porter says that there are five driving forces on the market that determine the possible level of profit. Each power in Michael Porter’s model represents a separate level of competitiveness of the product:

  • Buyers’ market power;
  • Suppliers’ market power;
  • threat of new enterprises creation;
  • threat of the appearance of substitute goods;
  • level of competition or intra-industry competition.

All these categories can be successfully presented and described with the help of our premade Porter’s five forces model PPT template. Michael Porter believed that these elements of the market are the driving forces of market competition. That’s why the model has its name.

Competitive analysis of the industry by Michael Porter helps to determine the intensity and severity of competitive forces in the industry, to find out the position in which the company will be maximally protected from the influence of competitive forces and will be able to influence them.

The golden rule of the theory of the Porter’s five forces of competition is the following: the weaker the influence of competitive forces, the more opportunities for obtaining a high profit in the industry. Conversely, the higher the influence of competitive forces, the higher the probability that no company will be able to provide high profitability from investment. And the average profitability of the industry is determined by the most influential competitive forces.

The composition of the slide

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