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The strategic porter’s model of five competitive forces’ analysis was described by Michael Porter in 1979. Michael Porter, using five structural units that are specific to each industry, described ways of forming a competitive advantage and long-term goods’ profitability, as well as the ways in which the company can maintain its profitability and remain competitive in the long run. The goal of strategy development is to adapt to a competitive environment. The competition theory of Michael Porter states that on the market there are five driving forces that determine the possible level of profit. Michael porter five forces model ppt analysis of the industry helps to determine the severity and intensity of competitive forces within the industry, to find a position in which the company will be able to exert influence on competitive forces and will be maximally protected from them. There is the golden rule of the theory of the Michael porter five forces, which states the following: the company has more opportunities to obtain a high profit in the industry if the influence of Porter’s competitive forces is weaker. Vice versa, no company can ensure high profitability from investment if the influence of these five competitive forces is higher. The most influential competitive forces determine the average profitability of the industry.


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