PowerPoint funnel diagram

What is the PowerPoint funnel diagram slide for?

In marketing theory, the sales funnel is a list of the stages of the company’s relations with the client; each of these stages is studied in order to maximize the conversion: the percentage of people who will go through all the stages and become real clients, or even better, adherents of the company.

The sales funnel is one of the key, conceptual notions of marketing which has come to us from Western marketers.

The sales funnel is an approximate way that the company’s client overcomes from the moment of the first acquaintance of the goods or services until the moment of making the purchase.

Due to the popularity of the sales funnel, today there are a wide range of different programs, schemes. Here, we represent our ready-made PowerPoint funnel diagram template that will help you to describe this topic logically, quickly, and structurally.

Many managers, marketers, owners of trading platforms complain that a large number of people frequently come to get acquainted with the product, but so many are eliminated at various stages that the purchase is eventually made by only some of them. This tool helps you to understand why does it happen? What are buyers’ guides at different stages? What are their thoughts? The comprehension of the buyer’s thoughts and preferences allows you to get more sales, succeed in your marketing strategy, business development.

Advantages of sales funnel

The main advantages of the sales funnel should be pointed out to make it clear why the diagram should be compiled, conducted and analyzed.

  • It helps to initially determine the target audience for sales.
  • It gives an opportunity to competently build and analyze the entire process of customer support: from acquaintance with the product to purchase.
  • It gives an opportunity to find a “weak link” in the sales chain: at what stage do the most potential customers eliminate, and strengthen this moment.
  • It allows you to consistently calculate the conversion of all stages and the overall conversion of the sales funnel.
  • It allows you to analyze the conversion at all stages and in general in dynamics to optimize business processes.
  • It allows you to assess the overall efficiency of the business.

The composition of the slide

This slide is designed for marketers, managers and other office employees who deal with analysis, strategies, etc. The template allows presenting structured logically constructed information on the topic. On the slide, you have all you need to structure your information: a clear scheme, text blocks. The slide is also equipped with a number of useful tools and elements that are designed to simplify work. Necessary Aspect ratios, standard fonts, retina ready are present here.

The advantages of the slide

Besides its visible pluses, this slide has a number of peculiarities:

  1. High quality. Perfect quality of this slide is approved. Choosing this template you choose quality and stability: you can be sure that in case of presentations demonstration on any high-resolution displays, the quality of the slide won’t worsen.
  1. Editable vector elements. Built-in tools (colors, shape, etc) are easily edited in two clicks.
  1. A multipurpose slide. Due to its topic and structure, this slide comes appropriate for any business and marketing project. If you have to speak on the sales level and related topics, this slide will help you to make your project clear, consistent, successful.
  1. A premade easy-to-use slide. Moreover, this template is able to simplify your working process. Due to its easiness for use and a premade content slide, all you have to do is to insert information. It saves your time!
  2. Free 24/7 support

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