Powerpoint Timelines Pack



What is the PowerPoint-timelines for?

The presentation is an important part of any business or marketing event. Today, no conference or meeting is held without this visual tool. Any successful speaker supports the speech with the presentation. Here, we offer you a set of premade slides that will help you to learn how to show a timeline in PowerPoint and quickly create an informative high-quality project.

The timeline is a visual tool that allows you to describe a wide range of information, such as:

  • The sequence of events; For instance, if you make a marketing report, you can point the sales and discounts on the timeline. Besides, it you regard the project, it is possible to indicate its milestones.
  • The chronology of actions; This is suitable for school presentations, history lessons as well as business. If you want to present your company or speak about the stages of its development, the timeline will be a helpful tool.
  • Biographies; It is possible to describe one’s life path.

The composition of the template

For those who want to make a timeline in PowerPoint, we are glad to offer this pack that includes 50 unique slides. The slides are available in 10 ready-made color themes. This pack is well-equipped with a full set of necessary elements and useful tools. Each slide represents the timeline with a specific design. The timeline represents a creative long bar with various number of labelled points on it. They are multicolored and professionally developed. The pack is designed especially for various versions of PowerPoint software.

Such great variety of the timelines of different design and structure allows you to choose an appropriate one and make your projects clearer and more vivid. This template is an excellent choice for those who want to know how to make a timeline in PowerPoint. This pack is characterized by quick work, easy use, and clear interface.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Serving as your image-maker, the presentation performs far more functions. Each speaker knows that the presentation creates the first impression. Showing a timeline in PowerPoint, you prove your professionalism. The audience looks at the showing a timeline in PowerPoint and judges about your awareness of the topic under consideration. The quality of the template and presentation proves your knowledge and the level of skills. That is why it is necessary to be sure that when you display visual aid on high-resolution screens, it won’t let you down. Unfortunately, sometimes the speakers prepare good presentations, but it loses quality and has defects. This happens due to the use of the templates of poor quality. Choosing our template, you’ll be sure that your presentations won’t have visible pixels, cut edges, or blurred slides or segments. We guarantee you high quality of all our elements.
  1. Built-in tools. We take care about our clients and create the templates that will be as efficient and useful as possible. We applied a set of vector elements that can be edited in two clicks to extend your possibilities. Working with this Microsoft PowerPoint timeline, you can edit colors, shape, size, and other built-in tools.
  1. Excellent visualization tool. Visualization is an indispensable element of each presentation. You can find various visual tools in every presentation. Why? Because if your presentation consists of only text information, it is extremely boring. We can say for sure that your audience will get bored after the third slide, lose interest, and your speech will be unnoticed. The visual elements include timelines, charts, models, images, clip arts, infographics, diagrams, etc. Therefore, these tools are used for a number of reasons:
  • Diversify the presentation and make it attractive;
  • Add vividness and clarity;
  • Convert complex statistics or boring monotonous text information into an interesting chart, diagram, so on.

This PowerPoint animation timeline pack is a set of visual elements where you can find a proper slide for each report, startup, and other projects.

  1. Clear structure. To make a successful presentation that will support you and become a perfect addition to a professional speech, all aspects should come together. This concerns a properly chosen design, a correct use of visual elements, and clear structure. The purpose of your speech is to inform the listeners about some issue or problem. You should make them follow your thoughts and catch the main message. To cope with the task perfectly, it is necessary to sound coherently and present all timeline ideas and arguments logically. A logic speech simplifies the process of perception and increases the chances to be remembered.
  1. Modern design. Each professional employee or speaker knows that the choice of design is a responsible task. Although it may seem that design plays a secondary role, you should pay more attention to its choice. It should match your logo, company’s colors, the purpose of speech, etc. For instance, it’s not a coincidence that environmental organizations make their presentations in green colors. Thus, dark or gloomy shades are able to lull your listeners, while tool bright or vivid colors will frighten them off or distract from the topic of speech. All our templates including these PowerPoint timeline examples are made in minimalistic modern style that is of wide popularity nowadays. Thus, they can be added to each presentation and perfectly suits any event or situation.
  1. A multipurpose template. This timelines pack is truly multipurpose. It can be used for school presentation, business and marketing projects, startups, etc. You can describe various type of information with its help.
  1. Easy-to-use pre-made slides. To work with this PowerPoint timelines, you don’t have to have any special skills or additional knowledge. Even the beginners easily cope with this pack. It is designed to become your assistant, simplify the working process, and save time. You’ll spend significantly less time for the creation of the presentations.
  1. Free 24/7 support.


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