PPT of Marketing Mix

What is the PPT of Marketing Mix for?

The marketing complex is the core on which the theory and practice of marketing are built. Four of its elements form the basis for four types of marketing policy: product, price, place, and promotion. It is the simplest algorithm for developing a marketing plan.

Marketing begins with the study of customers, identifying their motives and needs, and ends with the sale of products and the satisfaction of identified needs. Marketing complex is a key element of any marketing activity on the market. We create premade templates that make your work more convenient and easy. The PPT of Marketing Mix has all necessary elements to make the presentation successful, reflect all points, express information received while analyzing the product.

The marketing mix (4P concept) is a set of tools used in marketing to influence consumer demand. It includes four basic elements of marketing.

  • This category includes such notions as the product itself, package, trademark, services, warranty, service maintenance.
  • Price is the next category of this model. It is comprised of price formation and discounts.
  • Place is the third obligatory category considered in the frameworks of the marketing mix. It consists of the channels of sales (goods distribution) and the process of sales.
  • Promotion is the last necessary category. It includes advertising, direct sales, propaganda, sales promotion.

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