Presentation on Data Analytics

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Presentation on data analytics is a complicated process that can be difficult for most people to understand. It’s no wonder why many analysts have found it necessary to create data presentation templates, such as the one offered here on this page! This template offers you all of the tools and styles needed in order to make your report or project stand out from others. The slide includes built-in PowerPoint features like colors and fonts so that not only will your work look professional but also stay organized. For example, when using “Calibri” font with these slides – which are included within the download file once purchased – there won’t need any extra installation time because Microsoft already has their default typeface installed onto every computer worldwide!

Features of this Presentation on Data Analytics template:

  • “Calibri” default font.
  • Supports PowerPoint font style sets.
  • Fully vector-based infographics.
  • Easy editing even for beginners.
  • Supports all standard MS Office color schemes.
  • Support for 20 Premium HiSlide color schemes (download link).
  • Edit data with Excel spreadsheets.
  • 16x9HD aspect ratio, Retina display support.
  • Quick color customization of the entire presentation.
  • 1 slide included.
  • Fast 24/7 support.
  • Subscribe to get full access to this and all other HiSlide premium slides and templates.
  • This slide is part of a grand package of “Data Statistic for PowerPoint” templates.

You can download 20 Premium color schemes designed by HiSlide specifically for this template. Link to instructions on how to install the XML color themes on your computer.

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