Pricing Tables Keynote template

What is the pricing tables keynote template for?

We are glad to welcome each visitor of our site. Here, you’ll find dozens of high-quality multipurpose templates and elements for your websites, presentations, blogs. A wide range of charts and schemes, timelines, checklists, pricing tables keynote template, models and infographic tools are represented on our site. Each businessman, employee, manager will find here something useful.

This page is devoted to the pricing tables. They are widely used on the sites. Everyone who sells something tries to promote goods services and successfully visualize all necessary information about the products.

The pricing table reflects information about the tariff plan, price, plan characteristics, button, label, etc. These tables will help you to group and visually provide site visitors with information on available options for the services or goods provided.

A good pricing table will help to increase the conversion of the selling pages of your project. It is very important to make it clear and understandable, so that the visitor can make a better choice of the configuration of the product or service. We are ready to offer you a unique high-quality pricing tables keynote template that can be downloaded for free on our site!

The composition of the slide

This slide is designed for all versions of Keynote software. On the sample, you can see five multicolored pricing tables. There structure is the same: the name of the plan, its price, then goes a colorless icon followed by a short description, at the bottom the button “more information” is provided.

The advantages of the pricing table for those who want to download keynote templates free:

  1. High quality. Adding visual tool to your site or presentations, you diversify them, add vividness. This step can help you to create a good impression and demonstrate your competence but only in that case if your elements are of high quality. We can guarantee that our slides do not have any defects and remain their excellent quality.
  1. Built-in tools. We’ve applied a wide range of vector elements to this template. For our sample, we used violet, blue, green, red, yellow colors. If they do not match your design, you can edit them in a few clicks. Other built-in tools are also can be edited.
  1. Free download. These pricing tables are absolutely free! Do not lose time, download keynote templates free, use them at work and enjoy your presentation!
  1. Multipurpose template. The pricing tables can be observed on the websites of Internet providers, hosting companies, email distribution services, etc. This tool is also used in marketing and business presentations and reports, startups.
  1. Premade easy-to-use slide. These pricing tables save employees’ working time as they make their responsibilities in a few minutes, perfectly visualize information, and simplify working process. Additional skills are not obligatory. The beginners are also able to use this tool.
  1. Free 24/ 7 support.

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