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What is the Project status report template for?

It is important to come up with an unusual, bright and useful idea, but you should pay no less attention to how to present it to people, on which the future of the startup will depend. Actually, 50% of the success of the presentation depends on how qualitatively and correctly the startup will be held. A properly organized and held presentation is the guarantee of the receipt of the investments necessary for the development of the idea.

It is important to understand that the use of the presentation significantly increases the interest in the project, and if it is created at a high level, then your presentation can make you a leader in comparison with other competitors at the level of investments. Here, our Project status report template can help you. The sample will become your assistant and support.

You can create a worthy presentation in two ways:

  1. Yourself. This method is advantageous because the founder of the project knows it thoroughly, so heshe can easily emphasize its merits and hide the flaws, answer any questions.
  1. With the help of more experienced person.. This option allows focusing on visual perception due to the experience of creating presentations. At the same time, there is a probability that the meaning of the startup will not be fully described. Here, you may draw attention to our weekly project status report template PowerPoint that allows you to make presentations yourself, but it includes all necessary tools and visual elements for clear and successful information presentation.. Since the presentation of the start-up for the investors is the most important part, according to which they will judge the viability of the idea, the developer is obliged to make maximum efforts to make an attractive in all respects presentation.

The composition of the template

The template is comprised of 40 unique slides developed for PowerPoint software. This template is available in 10 color themes. Here, you’ll find a full set of built-in tools and useful elements for your efficient and convenient work.

On the sample, you can see various charts, tables, timelines, PowerPoint gantt chart, organizational charts, portfolio, and many others. Such variety of multipurpose slides allows you to describe any topic and present any type of information.

Using these slides, a competent leader will easily structure hisher speech, logically allocate information within the slides, and make a successful high-quality presentation.

The advantages of the PowerPoint timeline templates:

  1. High quality. A properly developed presentation is able to demonstrate your expertise and create a good impression. In this regard, the presentation serves as your image-maker. Looking at the slides, the listeners can judge about the level of your professionalism and the awareness of the topic presented. So you should pay attention to the quality of your presentation. It happens that some speakers perfectly know the topic and prepared an excellent visual aid, but when it’s time to display it on high-resolution devices, unexpected problems occur: the slides are blurred, with visible pixels, etc. To avoid loss of quality use approved high-quality templates as this project management status report template. We guarantee that working with our elements, you won’t face such problems.
  1. Built-in tools. Due to these tools, you have an opportunity to edit all vector elements applied to the template. This option is designed to extend your possibilities when you use the template at work and make it quick and efficient.
  1. Excellent visualization tool. Each presentation requires some visual elements. It is hard to present statistics without tables and charts, text information look boring and dry without images, clip art, infographics. If you want to create a successful, vivid and attractive project, visual elements are essential for your presentation. These include various schemes, graphs, infographics, timelines, models, gantt chart PowerPoint 2013 and so on. On the sample, you see plenty of visual tools. The main purpose of information visualization is to convert dry or complex data, information into a pleasant vivid form that will be attractive and clear to your audience. They diversify your visual aid.
  1. Clear structure. This template is well structured so that all slides complement each other. This contributes to the fact that it is easy to allocate information and present arguments one by one. If you sound coherent, the listeners better follow your idea. That is why it is important to properly structure either your speech or the presentation. Choose PowerPoint table templates to make a memorable informative projects.
  1. Modern design. It may seem that design plays secondary role and is not important while creating the presentation. Nevertheless, it is design that can either spoil the impression from the whole speech or help to make an excellent impression. Thus, the use of too dark or gloomy shades, colors will ruin your speech, because your listeners will quickly lose interest and get tired of your presentation. As a result, you won’t reach a set goal as your speech will go unnoticed. Vice versa, too bright vivid colors are able to distract the audience form the topic itself. Now you see that it is important to properly choose the color theme and design. By the way, this template that includes gantt in PowerPoint slide is made in minimalistic modern design that is widely-used nowadays.
  1. A multipurpose template. Due to the set of multipurpose slides, it can be used for different meetings, events, occasions. This template is designed for SEO agencies, start-us, Digital and IT projects.
  1. Easy-to-use pre-made slides. Thanks to the presentation’s ease of use, absolutely each user regardless of the level of hisher computer literacy is able to manage the project status report template PowerPoint. The use of these premade slides saves your working time and simplifies job responsibilities.
  2. Free 24/7 support.

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