Project status reporting templates



What are the project status reporting templates for?

The workflow consists of setting tasks by the managerhead and their implementation by the company’s employees. From time to time, each employee makes a report on the work done. Its periodicity depends on the internal rules of the enterprise, as well as the form. Do not underestimate the importance of this document for management. If you have to make a report, you can accompany it with a short informative presentation. And project status reporting templates will help you to perfectly cope with this task.

The work process can be presented in the form of a complex mechanism where each company’s employee is a gear. In this example, the head of the organization is an engineer who is obliged to monitor all mechanisms to work together as quickly as possible. In real life, it is quite difficult for the bosses to assess how well employees cope with their work if they do not see the results of their work. Therefore, almost each manager, boss requires to regularly draw up a report on the work done. Often this document is created with a periodicity of 1 week. Thus, the superiors can see what have the employees done and how useful have they been for the enterprise.

The composition of the Gantt chart template

The template includes 40 unique slides for Keynote software. You are free to choose one of 10 premade color themes. A wide range of color shades makes it possible to find a matching color for your logo or company. This sample is equipped with a full set of useful tools and modern built-in elements that come helpful for any employee and make work efficient and quick.

This template is comprised of multipurpose slides what allows you to represent any type of information. On the sample, there are diagrams, graphical elements, schemes, organizational charts, timelines, project planning Gantt chart, and so on.  

By the way, The Gantt chart is designed to illustrate the various stages of work in the sphere of medium and small business. Visually, it looks like a simple set of lines consisting of two main axes: work and time. Each time gap has a specific task that must be performed. Gantt chart is a kind of a standard tool in the field of project management, because with its help it becomes possible to visualize the structure of the implementation of all phases of the project and use project status dashboard. In our template, you can find various types of this chart.

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. Being your image-maker, the presentation demonstrates your expertise and proves your reputation. If you want to look as a true specialist, pay attention to the quality of your visual aid. Unfortunately, sometimes the speakers are aware of the topic and have good presentations, but when it’s time to display them on high-resolution screens, they face such unexpected problems as loss of quality. It’s a pity that such trouble can spoil the impression from the whole speech. If you want to avoid such nasty defects as visible pixels or blurred slides, choose only high-quality approved templates as this chronological timeline template. All elements represented on our site are of excellent quality.
  1. Built-in tools. Creating new templates, we try to make them as useful and convenient as possible. Therefore, we applied built-in tools that are designed to extend possibilities making work quicker and more efficient. You will be able to edit such vector elements as colors, shape, size, so on.
  1. Excellent visualization tool. Visualization is an obligatory element of each presentation. Why? Because who will listen to the presentation that contains exclusively text blocks? It is an incredible boring activity. Visual tools are designed to add vividness to your presentations and diversify it. Various charts, models, schemes, images, infographics, clip art refresh the presentation and convert boring statistics or complex information into an attractive clearly represented project Gantt chart template.
  1. Clear structure. It is one of the most important points. If you want your listeners attentively listen to you and follow your thought, it is necessary to sound coherently. The audience perceives the idea worse if you develop the topic chaotically. Make sure that your arguments logically follow one another. The slides within the template are professionally structured and combined. You will easily allocate information on the slides.
  1. Modern design. If you have already dealt with presentations creation and a weekly project status report, you should know that design plays quite important role. Although it does not carry semantic information, it is design that creates the first impression and mood of the whole presentation. It seems to be a tiny detail, but design is able either make your speech successful or ruin it! If your presentation is made in dark colors or gloomy shades, your listeners will get tired or bored after a few slides and lose interest. As a result, you’ll go unnoticed and no one will remember the essence of your topic. On the contrary, too bright and vivid colors will distract the listeners from your speech itself. That is why it is necessary to find a proper color theme. We make our templates in modern minimalistic design that suits any occasion and situation.
  1. A multipurpose template. This project status report example demonstrates that it is a perfect tool for various reports, IT and digital projects, startups. Due to the combination of multipurpose slides, the template is suitable for different events, situations.
  1. Easy-to-use pre-made slides. The template is characterized by its ease of use. It means that each user regardless of the level of computer literacy will be able to manage the slides. You do not have to possess any special knowledge or skills. The purpose of the templates for timelines is to become your assistant and simplify your working process. You will also save time as the presentation creation will take a few minutes.
  1. Free 247 support.


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