Pyramid appraisal management at all stages of the project

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Pyramid appraisal management is a schematic example of the stages of a project. This strategy pyramid ppt template is suitable for managing small, medium and large projects. Each of the pyramid elements illustrates one of the meaningful stages and focuses on specific tasks.

The pyramid scheme presentation includes six sequential stages: Organizational Development, Project Control Development, Performance Measurement, Analysis and Corrective Actions, Project Updated and Reviews, and Acknowledge Successes.

Each of these phases is divided into several subtasks:

  1. Organizational Development: Project Controls Policy, Project Controls Charter, Project Control System Description, Project Control Procedures, Project Control Implementation Guides.
  2. Project Control Development: Code of Accounts, Project Work Breakdown Structure, Scope of Work Documents, Project Estimate, Project Schedules.
  3. Performance Measurement: Design Status, Procurement Status, Equipment & Materials, Construction Status.
  4. Analysis and Corrective Actions: EVMS Reports, Schedule analysis, Quality status, Trend analysis.
  5. Project Updated and Reviews: Estimate updates, Project forecast, Project review.
  6. Acknowledge Successes: Celebration of Achievements.

The pyramid appraisal management template is a text and graphic slide with a PowerPoint pyramid image on the right side and a text description on the left side. All graphic elements of the presentation are created with the built-in tools of MS Office PowerPoint.

Features strategy pyramid ppt slide for business and marketing:

-The template includes one unique in structure and content slide consisting of graphic (schematic) and text parts. -Pyramid scheme presentation can be edited with the built-in tools of PowerPoint, without resorting to additional software. -All elements of the pyramid ppt for business presentation consist of vector forms: you can change the color, position, content of the text blocks.

This pyramid appraisal management template will be useful for you to visualize the stages of project implementation and control. You can use it free of charge for your commercial and non-commercial projects. Strategy pyramid template PowerPoint can be used as an independent slide or be part of a larger presentation. This PPT Slide can be printed on a printer, shown on a projector or as an illustration digitally.

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