3 Level Pyramid Template

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The 3-level pyramid template is a PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote diagram that illustrates the three primary levels of a hierarchical organization. The first level is the foundation of the pyramid, and it represents the broadest category. The second level is built on top of the first and represents a more specific category. The third level, which is built on top of the second, represents an even more specific subcategory or niche. Pyramid is an illustration that is used to show the hierarchical structure of a topic. It is typically used for presentations and can be used to illustrate the 3 levels of a topic, from basic information to more detailed information. There are 3 levels in a pyramid – the base level, middle level, and top level. The base level contains general information about the topic or product. The middle level contains more detailed information about the topic or product. Finally, the top level contains very specific and detailed information on the topic or product.


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