Reactive and Proactive Approach to Risk Management Scheme

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Reactive and Proactive approach to risk management is used in the strategic planning of a company or project. This planning system includes risk assessment based on two equivalent approaches: proactive vs reactive Planning. The reactive strategies includes: assessing the Negative Effects of the Occurred Events Neutralization, Operable, Pre-critical, Necessary Information is Entirely Available, Response & Reconfiguration, Truncated. The proactive risk management strategies includes: Preventing of Undesired Events Emergence, Safe, All Operable Except Safe, Deficit of Information, Latent Risks Existence , Forecasting & Adaptation, Constant, Active, Advanced. The template presents the division of different types of activity into groups based on their main characteristics. Each group consists of six equal blocks. The guides relate the individual elements of the different groups for a clearer presentation. You can change the colors of the blocks, complete or replace the text, and change the position of the elements in relation to each other.


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