“Report” Keynote template

What is the “Report” Keynote template for?

Reporting to the head of the company is a stress for any employee, even if the reports are of a regular nature. Carrying out the report in the form of a short presentation for 5-10 minutes is a way to tell the boss about your work and adjust the tactics and work plans in accordance with the goals and strategy of the director.

With the help of the report, the employee and company’s head receive the information they have to analyze, plan activity and evaluate the performance of both the employee and the unit. A special role here is assigned to marketing units as the profit centers of the enterprise.

Control over the activities of sales staff allows the head to take timely measures to coordinate the work of the subordinates and rationally distribute available resources.

Incorrect preparation of an employee for the report deprives the head of reliable and up-to-date information for making a decision, and also causes a lot of guiding and clarifying questions throughout the report.

Experts recommend to draw up the report on their work correctly and for this purpose always have a report plan. It is also advisable to prepare a template.

Visual presentation of work results lets the audience understand and memorize information provided better. In this case, you can use a ready-made template that will:

  • make your report clearer;
  • save time while preparing for the report;
  • simplify the working process;
  • help to present information coherently and logically;
  • prove you as a professional.

The composition of the template.

To cope with all above-mentioned goals and be you assistant while presentation, the template is equipped with a number of necessary elements and useful tools. 93 ready-made unique slides comprise the template that is available in 5 color themes. The template is professionally structured what make it possible to build your speech coherently, and all slide are well-organized. For a convenient work, in the slide you will find mockup slides, ToDo lists, timelines, tons of infographics, SWOT analysis, “about us” slides, lots of vector maps, data slides, and many other useful elements. All these slides are designed to simplify you work and help to prepare an informative qualitative report.

The advantages of the template.

  1. High quality. Speaking to superiors is always nervous. You must be sure that your report is excellent and won’t let you down when presenting it. Our template of high quality will be your assistant and remain its excellent quality when working with the projector or other devices. There won’t be any defects such as visible pixels and blurred segments. You also can print the handout without fears as the slides are printable.
  2. A modern creative design. A properly chosen design is able to make a positive impression, help to stand out from the employees’ crowd, and prove your professionalism.
  3. Built-in tools. With built-in tools, size, colors editing is now real! These elements extend your possibilities and make work with the template more efficient and easy.
  4. Free standard fonts. No need to install additional fonts.
  5. Multipurpose slides. Although the template is designed for reports, it can be successfully used for other business and marketing projects, such as analysis, ideas, plan, etc.
  6. A ready-made easy-to-use template. Pre made slides allow you simplify work and save time. For busy employees, it is an important feature. You’ll be able to make projects in a few minutes! The template is easy-to-use.
  7. Free 24/7 support. Contact us if you have any questions.

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