Ribbon diagram layout for Powerpoint

We are happy to greet you on this site! It is an excellent service for businessmen, students, employees who constantly deal with the process of presentation creation. on this page, we represent ribbon diagram layout PowerPoint slide.

What is the slide for?

In the last two or three years, infographics has become a popular format for corporate blogs and companies’ pages in social networks. The infographics is the delivery of content in the form of different diagrams, graphs, tables, timelines, etc. The infographics performs one important task: it conveys complex information in a simple visual form, i.e. visualizes it.

The infographics is one of the types of information design where data are represented in a graphic form. The infographics can be made in the form of various diagrams, tables, graphs, pictograms, etc., as well as in the form of their combinations, for instance as this ribbon diagram layout PowerPoint.

The companies frequently use this visual tool:

  • In promotional materials and on the product packaging;
  • On the site – to explain and visualize the functionality of a complex product;
  • In a corporate blog to write about product’s features;
  • In social networks – as “viral” content;
  • In mailing lists;
  • In presentations – for partners, investor, speeches at events, etc.

Before applying infographics for business purposes, you have to determine what information it will carry to the audience. Do not use this tool purely for the sake of the trend or because the infographic is used by competitors.

On this page, we offer you to download free infographic template that will become your assistant at work.

The composition of the slide

The slide is schematically divided into three columns and four lines with multicolored ribbons. These ribbons have alphabetically enumeration. The slide is made for PowerPoint users.

The advantages of the ribbon diagram layout PowerPoint slide:

  1. High quality. Being your image-maker, the presentation can demonstrate your professionalism and create a positive impression. If the quality of your visual aid is excellent, this task is easily achieved. Thus, draw attention to templates’ quality. In our turn, we guarantee excellent quality of all our elements. You can safely display the slides on any devices and be sure that they will be free of any visible defects.
  1. Built-in tools. The active colors of this element are yellow, green, red, azure, but you can edit them in two clicks if they do not match your presentation design. Other vector elements are also editable.
  1. Multipurpose element. This element is suitable for any type of projects. It is used either in science, education or business and marketing.
  1. Free download. Use the chance to download free infographic template and enjoy working with our element.
  1. Pre-made easy-to-use slide. The template simplifies employees’ working process and saves their time. Using the element at work, they’ll be able to make projects in a few minutes. No special knowledge is required.
  1. Free 24\7 support

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