Ribbon layout design for Powerpoint

What is the slide for?

Welcome to our site! Thousands of multipurpose ready-made templates and elements are represented here and waiting for you. On this page, you can see ribbon layout design PowerPoint slide. Our site will be useful for any employee engaged in the process of presentations creation, businessmen, marketers, advertisers, scientists and many others.

You’ve definitely heard of infographics or already actively used it in your work. Haven’t you still used it? Then it’s time to take a closer look at this handy tool for work. Briefly speaking, infographics are a way of information visualization. It is some amount of information or data about certain processes or objects. It can be:

  • statistics (shares, volumes, amounts, etc.);
  • stages (the sequence of some actions implementation);
  • comparative information (who is faster, higher, stronger, more productive, etc.);
  • step-by-step instruction, algorithm (in fact, the same steps, only in the profile);
  • objects enumeration and mentioning their relationships between these objects and main characteristics.

Simply put, we can say that infographic is a scheme. Only it is very informative and complex. One such scheme or chart can replace a chapter from the report and a dozen text pages.

This is the value of infographics. It is:

  • informative (one imagechart contains a large amount of information);
  • visible (it is easy to understand);
  • compact (one infographic can convey the meaning of several pages of text).

The infographics have gained such popularity that we’ve created a great variety of infographic templates free, which can be used in many spheres: marketing and business (presentations, reports, CVs), education, science, medicine, etc.

The composition of the slide

This slide is made for PowerPoint users. It is absolutely free! On the sample, you see three multicolored ribbons pointing to the text blocks. The ribbons are enumerated.

The advantages of the ribbon layout design PowerPoint slide:

  1. High quality. This slide is characterized by high quality as all our infographic templates free. We guarantee excellent quality of all our elements. You can be sure that this element won’t have any defects including cut edges, visible pixels, blurred slides if you’re going to display it on high-resolution devices. Being your image-maker, high-quality templates will prove your expertise and impress the listeners.
  1. Free download. Do not lose an excellent opportunity to download this element for free right now!
  1. Built-in tools. Due to the use of vector elements, you can freely edit all built-in tools such as size, colors, shape. Thus, if you don’t like the active colors, you are free to edit them.
  1. Multipurpose element. The template is suitable for various events, occasions. It can be used in many spheres.
  1. Pre-made easy-to-use slide. Ribbon layout design PowerPoint saves employees’ time and simplifies their working process. Even the users without additional skills will be able to use the element at work.
  1. Free 247 support.

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