Risk analysis matrix

In risk management, the risk matrix is widely used to assess the level of risk. Usually, they take into account two main directions of the problem which correspond to the names of axes. Therefore, the horizontal axe on the slide reflects the category of the consequences (how severe could the outcomes be if the risk even occurred). The vertical axe of our matrix is devoted to the likelihood or probability (what’s the chances pf the risks occurring). The risk analysis matrix is an easy way to visualize the risks and make the right decisions. This matrix consists of 5×5 cells. The consequences include the following categories: Insignificant, Minor, Significant, Major, Severe. The probability distinguishes Rare, Unlikely, Moderate, Likely, Almost certain categories. The slide is well-equipped with necessary elements and tools to help you to perform efficiently and quickly. High quality of the template allows you to be sure that in case of printing or displaying on the projector, you won’t see visible pixels and other defects. Built-in tools let you edit colors, size, shape in two clicks. The template is easy-to-use and ready-made. It is possible to save time creating projects in a few minutes.

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