Risk control matrix

The Risk control matrix is ​​a special template that allows you to determine the probability of risks occurrence at an enterprise in a particular area of ​​its activity with a sufficiently high degree of truthfulness. The slide is very useful in planning, considering potentially profitable projects and other elements of any organization work. The risk matrix is ​​divided into three main categories: levels, probability and consequences. This tool used for possible problems assessment in many companies is the main source of information that is taken into account while considering the possibility of implementing a particular project. As a rule, the management has the opportunity to make the most effective and reasonable solution based on the information specified in the matrix. That is, the company’s employees responsible for this tool must be responsible for their work as much as possible, because their data will affect the entire development of the company, getting revenues and so on. At the same time, if some indicators are deliberately understated and an unfavorable event will lead to significant losses, they will also be liable, provided that all this could be predicted.

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