Sales Funnel Report Template

sales funnel report template


What is the sales funnel report template for?

The sales funnel is an ideal marketing tool that allows you to conduct an efficient analysis of the work of the entire sales department, as well as each of its employees. When applying such a model to business, the entrepreneur finds out at what stages of the company’s activity the maximum loss of potential buyers occurs. This allows identifying of shortcomings in the work. To solve the problem, you have to pay attention to a particular stage, what will help to save the situation. In such work, sales funnel report template can be your assistant that will help you to visualize the topic and make the right solutions.

The ability to apply and analyze this marketing tool allows businessmen and entrepreneurs to achieve a multiple increase in their sales and profits. And it does not matter where the sales funnel is built: whether it’s an online shopping or selling a product in a store. This model is well applicable for any business all the time.

The use of the funnel cone in the modern world becomes especially relevant. After all, today the products’ supply is often higher than their demand. This leads to the fact that it becomes more difficult for companies to attract buyers. Conducting a competent analysis of the sales funnel allows you to influence the potential customers more subtly and unobtrusively, quickly and imperceptibly adjusting to their needs.

If you have to make the sales funnel and develop the topic on the meeting, no need to surf through the Internet to find out how to create a marketing funnel. Draw attention to this funnel pack that includes all necessary elements and slides. Just insert necessary information and results and that’s it! This template is the guarantee of quick and efficient work.

The composition of the template

This template is comprised of 26 unique slides. It is designed especially for Keynote software. The slides are equipped with a wide range of useful tools that are necessary for a quick and convenient work. The template represents a set of the slides with funnel charts. There is a plenty of different types and modifications of this model. You can see horizontal and vertical funnels, AIDA models, the charts with various number of constituents. 20 pre-made color themes are available. Each funnel has its unique design.

At the beginning of the template, you can find several slides for AIDA analysis. AIDA is a model of consumer behavior when making a positive decision about the purchase of goods. It includes four stages:

  • Attention,
  • Interest,
  • Desire,
  • Action

This model has gained incredible popularity in advertising, and recently in selling pages and texts in online sales. For successful application of AIDA, it is necessary to collect a maximum of information about potential buyers, conduct a marketing research. Based on AIDA analysis, you can make a marketing funnel metrics. That is, your task is to find out the weakest stage of the model and improve this stage. The application of AIDA marketing will provide you with high sales and a deep understanding of what you have to do to increase sales.

The advantages of this funnel pack:

  1. High quality. All slides of this sales funnel report template are of excellent quality. We pay particular attention to this option as it is important for us that our clients will feel safe and confident when use the template at work. It happens that some speakers face unexpected nasty problems with their visual aid when display them on high-resolution screens. We can guarantee that choosing our template, you won’t have such trouble as loss of quality and defects (visible pixels, blurred slides, etc.). Moreover, the presentation serves as your image-maker that proves your expertise. Judging by the presentation, the audience creates the first impression and assesses the level of preparation and awareness of the topic. Displaying such slide, your colleagues will ask you how do you make a funnel.
  1. Built-in tools. Trying to make your work as quick and convenient as possible, we applied built-in tools that extend your possibilities and allow editing of vector elements (shape, colors, size).
  1. Excellent visualization tool. Each presentation requires some visual elements that will add vividness and clearness to the topic of discussion and diversify the presentation. Here, we’ve gathered the slides with sales funnels. This visual tool is able to convert complex or boring question into an attractive vivid chart. With such visual tools, you will easily and clearly make the marketing funnel analysis, develop your topic and the audience won’t get bored after a few slides.
  1. Clear structure. The slides are professionally developed and structured. All information can be logically allocated on the slides. Clear structure plays an important role since the audience better perceives the idea if you sound coherent. If your thoughts or arguments logically follow one another, the essence of the speech will be clearer.
  1. Modern design. Although it may seem that design is not important for the presentation, it is a big mistake. It is design that creates the first impression. Too gloomy shades are able to ruin the whole presentation while too bright colors will distract the audience from the topic of discussion. Minimalistic design that we use for our templates with picture of funnel is suitable for any occasion and event and very popular nowadays. Thus, these slides can be added to any project or report.
  1. A multipurpose template. This funnel pack will be helpful for businessmen, entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers. Simply put, if you deal with sales, these funnels will help you at work.
  1. Easy-to-use pre-made slides. You don’t have to have any additional skills or knowledge to use the slides with sales funnel picture – they are easy to use. Even beginning users easily manage them. This pack is designed to significantly save time of the employees and simplify their working process.
  1. Free 247 support.

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