Sales funnel report template

What is the Sales funnel report template slide for?

The sales funnel is the scheme that reflects the number of customers who are at certain stages of the communication with managers. It describes the entire sales cycle, from a cold call to the conclusion of a deal. With each stage, the number of potential customers decreases, so the number of concluded deals is much less than the number of calls made by the manager.

This tool is widely used by marketers and managers. Thus, to help you at your work we represent the Sales funnel report template. This slide is designed to make your report clearer and work easier.

What tasks does the sales funnel solve?

  • control of the sales process;
  • managers’ KPI, conversion rates;
  • sales forecasting;
  • analysis of the company’s activity efficiency.

The funnel stands as an ideal tool for analyzing the performance of both the entire sales department and individual managers. With its help, you can determine at what stages the greater number of potential customers is being reduced, define the problem, and take actions to solve it.

Other peculiarities of the sales funnel:

  • Analyzing the sales funnel, you can find out which source of traffic gives a greater conversion, invest in it and choose the way of further development. There are situations when there are many conversions, but the number of purchases is 0.
  • Knowing the conversion of the sales funnel, you can predict profit for the following periods.
  • Analyzing the funnel, you understand whether there are any extra links (stages).

The composition of the slide

This perfect unique slide for Google slides allows creating logic reports, informative analysis. The template is professionally structured. Therefore, information can be successfully presented. The visualization of the topic simplifies its perception. Your audience will be involved in your speech and remember the topic. The template is well-equipped with built-in tools, standard fonts, necessary Aspect ratios, retina ready.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality – an approved quality without visible defects even in case of using the projector.
  2. Editable vector elements – colors, shape, size, other built-in tools.
  3. A multipurpose slide – a perfect tool for marketing, entrepreneurship, business.
  4. A premade easy-to-use slide – save time, work efficiently, create unique informative reports, analyses in a few minutes.
  5. Free 24/7 support.

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