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Saudi Arabia’s map showcases its vast desert landscapes, juxtaposed with modern cities and historic sites. Key cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Mecca are prominently marked, offering insights into the country’s economic, cultural, and religious significance. The map serves as a guide to the kingdom’s intricate blend of tradition and modernity.

Tutorial: How to Use the Saudi Arabia Map with Cities Template

Whether you’re delivering a presentation on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or planning a trip there, having a detailed map of Saudi Arabia is crucial. With this free template, you’ll get a comprehensive view of Saudi Arabia, its major cities, and its surrounding geography.

Step 1: Download and Open the Template

  • This template is available for PowerPoint (PPT), Google Slides, and Keynote.
  • The template is free to use, making it an excellent resource for educational purposes or general interest.
  • Choose your preferred platform and download the template.

Step 2: Select Your Aspect Ratio

  • The template comes in two common aspect ratios: 16:9 and 4:3. Choose the one that best fits your presentation needs.

Step 3: Familiarize Yourself with the Map

  • This isn’t just any map—it’s a physical map showing the Arabian Peninsula’s detailed features, from the vast Al Khali, the largest contiguous sand desert, to intricate wadis.
  • Saudi Arabia, being the largest Arab state in Western Asia, has its major cities like Riyadh (the capital and largest city), Mecca and Medina (renowned religious centers), Dammam, Tabuk, Ta’if, Jizan, and Najran prominently marked.
  • The Red Sea to the west and the Persian Gulf (also referred to as Red Sea and the Persian) to the east are significant water bodies that the map illustrates. The Gulf of Aqaba is another essential feature.
  • A political map of Saudi Arabia also highlights its borders with neighboring countries. Saudi Arabia is bordered by Iraq to the north, Kuwait to the northeast, the United Arab Emirates to the east, Oman to the southeast, Yemen to the south, and Jordan to the northwest. You can also view its maritime borders with Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea.

Step 4: Edit and Customize

  • Every element in this map showing Saudi Arabia’s regions is a full editable vector shape. That means you can customize colors, sizes, and labels to fit your specific needs.
  • The template isn’t just limited to cities. You can also see and edit the regions in Saudi Arabia, making it adaptable for various presentations.
  • For those looking for a broader perspective, the Iraq map and maps of surrounding countries with international borders are also included.

Step 5: Use and Present

  • Whether you’re creating an atlas, discussing the Arabian culture, highlighting the mosque distributions, or pinpointing the cities in Saudi Arabia for business or travel purposes, this map is comprehensive and versatile.
  • Remember, Saudi Arabia is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula, so there’s a lot to explore and discuss. This template provides a visual foundation for your narrative.

In conclusion, if you like maps that are detailed and informative, this Saudi Arabia satellite map template is perfect for you. It captures the essence of the part of the country from the Red Sea coast to the bustling cities map of the interior. Safe travels or happy presenting!


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