SOSTAC Strategy for Multichannel Marketing Plan

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SOSTAC is a comprehensive framework for devising a multichannel marketing strategy. It stands for Situation analysis, Objectives setting, Strategy formulation, Tactics development, Action, and Control. By systematically following these six stages, businesses can ensure a holistic and effective approach to their multichannel marketing campaigns.

Introducing the SOSTAC® Strategy for Multichannel Marketing Template

The SOSTAC® planning model is an acclaimed approach developed in the 1990s by PR Smith, becoming one of the most popular marketing models to optimize your marketing. It provides a structured method to craft the perfect digital marketing plan and is endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Step-by-Step Guide to the SOSTAC Strategy for Multichannel Marketing:

  1. Understanding SOSTAC®:
    • SOSTAC stands for Situation (SWOT analysis of your organization and competitor analysis), Objectives (SMART objectives to achieve the objectives), Strategy (strategic marketing and strategic and tactical decisions), Tactics (specific tools of the digital mix like email marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing), Action (planning activities and marketing activities), and Control (control stage, using tools like Google Analytics).
    • This planning framework was particularly embraced for its applicability in digital marketing, allowing businesses to manage and optimize their digital marketing more effectively.
  2. Compatibility of the Template:
    • This template is seamlessly adaptable to platforms like PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. It ensures your presentation aligns perfectly with your platform of choice.
    • With a flexible aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3, it caters to diverse presentation requirements and screen dimensions.
  3. Customization Features:
    • The template boasts full editable vector shapes, empowering the marketing team to adapt and modify the design to resonate with their brand and messaging.
    • This is instrumental when discussing specific digital channels, online marketing techniques, or tailoring it to a target market.
  4. Diving into the Components of the Model:
    • Situation: Conduct a SWOT analysis of your organization and competitor analysis. Use tools like Google Analytics for customer analysis and to understand where your business currently stands.
    • Objectives: Set SMART objectives. Define what you aim to achieve with email strategy, content marketing, and other digital marketing activities.
    • Strategy: The strategy section should also identify the digital marketing strategies you’ll employ. Understand your digital mix and align your marketing mix, which includes the 7Ps of the marketing mix.
    • Tactics: Implement tactics based on specific tools of the digital mix. This includes email marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.
    • Action: Plan for your business’s marketing and business planning actions. This involves setting timelines, allocating resources, and outlining marketing communications.
    • Control: Regularly measure and control the outcomes. Monitor the results and optimize their digital marketing efforts.
  5. Additional Insights:
    • Dive deeper with PR Smith’s SOSTAC® and the RACE framework to enhance the planning process. Using the RACE framework, coupled with SOSTAC®, provides a holistic view.
    • Become proficient with the model by exploring books on digital marketing authored by PR Smith, such as “Digital Marketing Excellence” and “New Marketing”. These provide profound insights to create a successful marketing plan.
  6. Certification and Training:
    • To get the most out of the SOSTAC® planning framework, consider becoming a SOSTAC® certified planner. This not only enhances your understanding but also positions you as an authority in the field.

By integrating the SOSTAC® planning model in your presentations, you elevate your marketing department’s strategic approach. This template offers a robust foundation to bring your plan to life, ensuring your digital marketing plan is both strategic and tactical, resulting in an effective marketing campaign.


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