“StartUP” Keynote template

What is the “StartUP” Keynote template for?

To create a business based on your idea, you need a presentation for investors. On the business presentation, an overview of the business start-up marketing plan is made, the purpose of which is to attract the investors into the business.

The investor must be convinced of the success of the idea. The confirmed data, competent plan, prescribed risks and measures to minimize them, as well as opportunities for obtaining additional profit in the future, the development of their business and personal brand help to convince the investors.

Holding a business presentation should be short-lived, on average 20-25 minutes. For this period of time, it is necessary to do everything for a successful result, to present yourself as a professional and make such a cooperation offer that the potential partner can not refuse. All the priority features of the partnership should be stated clearly so that the investor has minimum questions. It is important that the potential entrepreneur himherself believes in his own business plan and realistically assesses his prospects. Only in this case, it is possible to convince the investor in the success.

Making a business plan for investors is an obligatory option for a successful work. When presenting the startup, it is highly important to convince the investor, that it is your product that deserves attention and will be successful and profitable.

An effective business presentation represents a short and capacious text, illustrated with images, infographics and videos that help to impress investors and visualize the idea. Our “StartUP” Keynote template is equipped with all these tools and will help you to prepare a full-scale informative project.

The composition of the template.

20 unique slides available in 7 pre made color themes comprise the template. It is a set of useful elements and necessary tools that will help you to present the product at its best. Ready-made well-organized slides are professionally structured and allow you to present information logically and coherently. Among the useful slides, there are biographies, step by step slides, timelines, lots of infographics, and so on. The use of a ready-made template allows you to avoid typical mistakes usually mad by non-professionals such as:

  • Use of critical remarks in the direction of the investors;
  • Vulnerability of statements;
  • Unnatural praise of the investor.

The advantages of our template:

  1. High quality. This characteristic distinguishes professional template from the amateurish one. When presenting your startup to the investors, you don’t have right to make a mistake. Therefore, it is highly necessary to use a professional template whose quality is approved and guaranteed. With the template, you will get the project without visible pixels and other defects. The template is also printable.
  2. A modern creative design. A modern design is able to make the startup interesting and memorable, attract attention, and catch the audience.
  3. Built-in tools. The slides are fully editable due to the vector elements used in the template.
  4. Free MAC fonts. You don’t have to install additional fonts.
  5. Multipurpose slides. Although the template is designed for startups, it can be widely used for other marketing or business projects, plans, report, analysis.
  6. A ready-made easy-to-use template. Save your working time and facilitate the process of projects creation with this template. As the slides are ready-made, you can work quickly and do not lose time what is important for any busy person.
  7. Free 24/7 support.

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