Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan for Company

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There are four stages in Business Continuity Planning: Awareness, Prevention, Remediation, Knowledge, Management. The PowerPoint Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan for Company template visualizes this process as a structural diagram.

Each of the four stages of a company’s business continuity planning process has subsections. The Awareness phase: divided into Internal and External factors. The Prevention phase consists of four equivalent tasks: Identification, Assessment, Treatment, Monitoring. Remediation includes: the Planning phase, which must answer the question How to minimize Impact, Duration, Resources and how to implement the Execution phase. Knowledge Management focuses on four aspects: Track results, Things gone right, Things gone wrong, Future action list.

By using the Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan for Company on a regular basis, you can better understand the goals and challenges facing your company. The planning process also outlines a list of activities and areas that you should pay more attention to.

Template Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan for PowerPoint presents a graphical slide with a diagram and a block for a brief text description. Each chart block is made with the built-in MS Office PowerPoint tools. You can easily edit these blocks: change color, position, size, text, and styling.

Guide connectors are lines whose size and thickness can be changed without resorting to additional software.

Features of the template Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan for Company

  • The template can be used for different areas of business, such as logistics, services, retail.
  • PPT Slide Template includes one unique in structure and content slide made using built-in PowerPoint tools.
  • You can use Supply Chain Business Continuity Plan as an independent slide or include it as part of your existing presentation.
  • The PPT presentation slide is based on the default XML color themes included with all versions of PowerPoint.

You need a lot of factors in business operations when planning a company and organizing a continuous progressive development. Supply chain continuity planning for Company is a simple tool that will help you visualize the main stages of planning, adjusting and implementing your current tasks.

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