SWOT analysis ppt template

Do you want to evaluate your current situation and future prospects without resorting to complex calculations and expensive procedures? SWOT analysis will help you in this situation. It was developed back in 1963, but it’s reached its apogee in all spheres of business not so long ago.

Most often, it is used in strategic planning, in a system with several quantitative methods of forecasting and planning. But today, SWOT analysis is often used as a separate marketing and business tool.

The matrix of SWOT analysis is convenient because all the necessary indicators and criteria are collected in one table, which makes it possible to assess the situation most consistently taking into account all factors of influence.

The SWOT analysis ppt template is a unique slide for Google Slides that doesn’t contain errors. The slide is designed especially for these versions that’s why there is no need to edit it or complete. It is a premade template that perfectly suits any kinds of marketing and business reports.

The main advantages and peculiarities of the slide:

  1. Excellent quality
  2. Modern design
  3. Standard fonts
  4. A multipurpose template
  5. An editable ready-made slide
  6. Free 24/7 support

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