SWOT chart key

A SWOT chart is a new template for our Premium users. It is supported only by Keynote software. The presentation includes only 1unique slide with the SWOT analysis. The design represents four multicolored sectors with arrows combines in one full circle. Each sector stands for one category of the analysis. The categories are Threats, Weaknesses, Strengths, Opportunities. The method itself determines the method of strategic planning which identifies the factors and current situation of external and internal organization’s environment. Public, social, economic institutions, companies, cities, industries can be the subject of the analysis. With the help of the SWOT chart you can consider all possible sides of your business, examine the problem and provide solutions. That’s why the template can perfectly serve for repots making and meetings. Being a fully editable element, the presentation let you change the size, shape, colors, and use as you wish. A standard font that is used in the template for the text descriptions, provides solid performance without difficulties and the need to install additional applications. It is easy to make out how the presentation works, so it is suitable even for the beginners.

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