SWOT chart template key

Here we are glad to demonstrate to you a new SWOT chart template. This is a presentation created exclusively for the Premium users. The template is supported by the Keynote version. The design represents a circle divided into four equal pieces. These sectors have letters for the SWOT analysis. Near each sector, there is a text description. The text is written using the Standard font. The key points of the SWOT-analysis are Strengths, Threats, Weaknesses, Opportunities. Strengths provide information concerning the subject’s advantage over its competitors. Threats represent possible problems for business environment. Weaknesses demonstrate the sides that place the business lagging behind its competitors. Opportunities are the characteristics that can serve as the advantage of the business over the competitors. The subject of the SWOT analysis can be as following: companies, organizations, individuals, industries. The main objective is to provide a whole picture of the current situation, describe the case and find possible solutions. The SWOT chart template will become an indispensable thing at the business meetings and conferences, while reports presentation.

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