SWOT Template key

Above our new presentation SWOT Template is shown. The template includes the only unique slide. It is designed for Keynote users who has got the Premium Subscription. The presentation is dedicated to a SWOT analysis – is the method of strategic planning. It consists of four components: Strength, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Threats. Here the design is provided in the shape of four circles. They are enumerated. They have different colors, but you are free to change it and paint it to your taste. The template is fully editable. SWOT-analysis is effective in carrying out an initial assessment of the current situation, but it cannot replace the production of strategies or qualitative analysis of the dynamics. The objective of the SWOT-analysis – is to give a structured description of the situation against which you need to take any action. The conclusions based on it, are descriptive without the recommendations and prioritization. Thus, the SWOT Template will be perfect for business reports and meetings. As the SWOT-analysis generally does not contain economic categories, it can be applied to any individuals, organization, and countries to build plans and strategies in various fields of activity.

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