Teamwork Templates, Models, Strategies for PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote

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This is a set of 30 of the most popular templates, schemes, and strategies for organizing teamwork. The PPT template will be useful when planning a team from scratch, or when structuring relationships within an existing team. For Startups, this template will help to understand how to build a teamwork, which roles should correspond to each of the participants. 30 Unique Slides (300 Total): Teamwork templates, Belbin’s Team Roles Model (Thinking-Oriented Roles, Action-Oriented Roles, People-Oriented Roles), Team Roles and Responsibilities (Plant, Monitor-Evaluator, Coordinator, Implementer, Completer-Finisher, Resource Investigator, Shaper, Team Worker or Diplomat, Specialist), Team Role Contribution and Allowable Weakness, Characteristic Each Role, Strengths and Weakness, Team Role Triangle, GRPI Model of Team Development, GRPI Checklist Template (Role definition, Building the Team), Focusing on Team Basics Model (Katzenbach and Smith Model), Henry Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles Model, Four Dimensions of Relational Work Model, ACHIEVE Coaching Model, Brainstorming Process, Generic Brainstorming Process, Gibbs’Reflective Cycle, STEPPPA (STEPPA) Coaching Model, Team Support from the Organization.


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