Template Decision Point Table for 5 Elements

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Decision Point Table is a simple and clear tool that can be used in different areas. The decision-making process always involves the evaluation of positive and negative components, a lot of multiple conditions. This table will help you to visualize this process. The template consists of a table with five columns. In the first column you should specify an argument or a business process to be evaluated. The second column shows the advantages. The third column is the disadvantages. The last column in the Decision Point Table summarizes and summarizes the result. How to use the Decision Point Table PPT template: Add the name of the problem, process, or evaluation argument to the first column. Place in the second “Advantages” column, as many markers as you found related to that problem. Similarly, in the “disadvantages” column, put markers corresponding to the disadvantages of the project. Summarize in the last column. For this, subtract the number of “disadvantage” markers from the number of “benefits” markers. The Decision Point Table for 5 elements for evaluation is created with the built-in MS PowerPoint tools and is a “table” object. You can change table format: the number of rows and columns, change the width and height of the cells, use your own color combinations. Markers are created as a shape, so changes in scale or position will not affect the quality of the image in any way.


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