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Introducing our comprehensive Marketing Mix 7Ps free template for your next presentation. Dive deep into Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process, and Physical Evidence with our visually engaging slides. Elevate your marketing strategy presentation and captivate your audience with this professionally designed template.

Describing Product in the 7Ps of Marketing Mix PPT Slide: A Comprehensive Guide

In the constantly evolving world of marketing, the 7Ps of marketing mix serves as an indispensable tool. While the 4Ps – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion – were initially the foundation of the marketing mix, the addition of three more Ps – People, Process, and Physical Evidence – has transformed it into the 7Ps, making it a robust marketing tool. Especially when it comes to digital marketing and the expanding realm of integrated marketing, understanding each of the 7Ps is vital.

Step 1: Accessing the Template

Before delving deep into the product, ensure you have the right tools for presentation:

  1. Download the Template: To start, access our free download for the PowerPoint template suitable for PowerPoint PPT, Google Slides, and Keynote.
  2. Check the Aspect Ratio: The template has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is perfect for most presentation platforms and screens.
  3. Customize According to Need: Being a full editable vector shape, you can customize the slides as per your requirements.

Step 2: Understanding the Product Element

Product or Service: This is the cornerstone of the 7 ps of the marketing mix. Here, we focus on what’s being offered to the target market. It’s about understanding the features and benefits of the product and how it stands in the marketing environment.

  1. Tangibility: Determine if the offer is a tangible product? How does the product’s tangibility affect its position in the market?
  2. Value Proposition: Communicate the benefits that make your product stand out. Does it provide value for money to the target customers?
  3. Adaptability: As the marketing process unfolds and the business scenario changes, can the product accommodate trends towards a service or knowledge-based paradigm?

Step 3: Relating Product to Broader Marketing Objectives

Every product should be in direct relation to its marketing objectives. This can provide a competitive advantage and strengthen the product’s position in its market segment.

  1. Direct Marketing: Explore channels where the product can create a direct impact.
  2. Sales Promotion & Distribution: How does your product strategy align with sales promotion tactics? How will the distribution of ideas or concepts related to your product be managed?
  3. Customer Relationships Delivery: Maintaining customer relationships is key. How will the product ensure timely and right service delivery to serve customers?

Understanding the product’s role in the 7ps model is foundational to an effective marketing strategy. While the product is just one “P”, it sets the tone for how other elements play out. So, when planning and executing the conception of your PowerPoint presentation on theme, always focus on how the product or service aligns with the broader marketing concept and what reaction it seeks from the target market.


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