Three Circle Model of Family Business PPT

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Different systems of role assignment are used in building the structure of the company. The Three Circle Model of Family Business PPT illustrates possible role assignments. When examining the structure of a family firm (family business), several variations in the distribution of roles and involvement of family members are possible. This structure and characteristics are common to family businesses regardless of the size of the business. The diagram illustrates variations when such a company is managed by members of one business owner’s family, by family members involving hired employees or by hired employees only. In this case various proportions of roles and areas of responsibility are possible. Three Circle Model of Family Business PPT is a venn diagram created for users of PowerPoint. The diagram includes three circles, each of which overlaps the following areas. The overlapping areas indicate the synergy of several company structure options. On the left side of the PPT slide is a text block for clarification and additional information. For example, it can be a written transcript of the diagram.


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