Three Ways Split timeline Comparison for 6 months

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The more data you need to visualize, the more complex the task is. To visualize multiple projects it is effective to use Three Ways Split timeline Comparison for 6 months template. This PPT template will save your time while you get a professional result. You will not need any additional design skills to create a PowerPoint presentation based on this slide. All elements are editable and customizable with a mouse click.

Three Split timeline Comparison consists of a graphic element, guides and text-information blocks. The graphical part of the PPT Slide represents three unidirectional arrows illustrating three parallel processes. The arrows also indicate the direction of the graph.

The guides divide the chart into six equal parts corresponding to the six months of the year. Depending on your goals, you can change the number of project steps or change the names of the steps. Where the guides and process arrows intersect, there are icons that illustrate the status of the project at a particular stage.

Text blocks serve as information markers for each stage of the process. These blocks can be edited with a single mouse click. You can also copy the information into these blocks from another source (for example, from an existing presentation or document).

The Three Ways Split timeline Comparison for PowerPoint template includes:

  • One slide unique in structure and content to illustrate 3 parallel business processes.
  • The Slide Split timeline PPT uses the default “Calibri” font that is installed on every computer. This guarantees error-free work with presentations in online team mode.
  • The template supports the standard PowerPoint color palettes, custom color palettes (including the Premium palettes by HiSlide, the download link is in the “Instructions” above), and a tool for working with different types of fonts (font styles).
  • A presentation based on the Timeline for PowerPoint template can be used to show on a projector, digital display, printed on an office printer, or used on the web (PDF, JPG).

Reduce the time it takes to create a marketing report, business presentation or illustration using the Three Ways Split timeline for 6 months. The PPT template is easily customizable depending on your tasks. You’ll find detailed customization instructions and additional materials at the link above (banner).

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