Timeline graph

What is the Timeline graph slide for?

If your job responsibilities include making presentations and speaking at meetings, seminars, so on, this Timeline graph slide is made for you. The timeline is the theme of the template. Such tool is widely used in many fields: it is possible to find it in a number of natural sciences, history, business, project management.

In history, the timeline shows the chronology of historical events. Biographies are also can be represented with its help.

In project management, the members of a team point out the milestones with the help of the timeline. It also can determine the terms of project implementation.

If you are the owner of a business or just a member of business team, this tool can serve as a perfect way to introduce the company to new investors, customers. The timeline can reflect the stages of your company development, your perspectives.

Marketing specialists can identify the sequence of sales, promotion actions, create free timeline, reflect the upcoming seminars on the timeline.

One more way of timelines use: it can serve as a guide. It is convenient to write down the instructions or recommendationson the text blocks.

The composition of the slide

This one unique slide made for Google slides is a full-scale high-quality tool equipped with modern useful elements. One more pleasant feature is that it is absolutely free! Download the template and enjoy working with it!

On the slide, you can see the timeline with 4 labeled points and text blocks for descriptions located above the line. This template is helpful due to its functions:

  • Information visualization. Monotonous text material is perceived better if it is represented in the form of a table, scheme, chart.
  • Typical mistakes avoidance.
  • Logic and coherent topic presentation. Your audience will be involved, follow your thought if one argument, idea follows another.
  • Your visual material is your support to which you can address if skip the though or forget the point.

With these advantages, it is easy to create free timeline:

  1. High quality. With a high-quality slide, you can work without problems and fear to face any trouble. No defects and perfect quality even when you demonstrate the template on any high-resolution displays.
  1. Built-in tools. All modern vector elements applied to this slide are editable. We try to make work with the slide as convenient and efficient as possible.
  1. Free download. There is no need to pay for this slide! A high-quality premade slide is available free. It is a perfect opportunity to get this modern useful tool free!
  1. Standard fonts.
  2. A multipurpose slide. The Timeline graph can be successfully used in a number of marketing and business projects, such as reports, analysis, business proposals, ideas, startups. It can not only demonstrate the chronology of events, but also serves as a guide.
  1. An easy-to-use premade template. It is easy to work with this slide; the user with different levels of computer literacy perfectly understand the principle of work. In addition, this premade template is able to simplify your job responsibilities and save time. Your task is to insert necessary data and information!
  2. Free 24/7 support.

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