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for Keynote (KEY), for PowerPoint (PPTX)

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If you frequently attend different seminars, meetings, conference, you’re aware of the fact that each speaker has a limited time for hisher speech. Not to get lost or be out of time, you can use timer power point template. It is a useful tool for presentations, which allows keeping track of time. Such slide is widely used by professionals for whom it is important to create a good reputation and prove expertise. Another use of such slide is time management. Managers use it to allocate working time. For instance, 45 minutes for work, 15 for rest. Such slide is also good for trainings, studying. Time management is a technique that includes rules and principles, which help a person to correctly organize hisher time and achieve maximum efficiency in any business. With the help of time management, a person can himherself consciously control the time heshe spends on various activities, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of work or rest. Planning, distributing, setting priorities and goals help a person to cope with the crazy rhythm of modern life. Time management helps a person to manage to do everything without stress and avoid chronic fatigue. Initially, the methods of time management were used only when doing business, organizing work. But now, time management is also used in personal life of a person in order to be able to cope with domestic issues, organize leisure time, rest properly.


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