Venn diagram in PPT

What is the Venn diagram in PPT slide for?

The Venn diagram is a kind of diagrams that represents a number of intersecting circles (in our case, on the slide we have three circles), which shows what some objects, topics, items have in common. To construct a Venn diagram, one selects several groups of objects and places them in separate circles.  The area of ​​intersection of the circles is the common feature of the analyzed subjects.

Venn diagram in PPT can serve as your assistant to create such scheme. Venn diagrams are successfully used in a number of various fields: management, logic, business, mathematics, and other applied fields to compare any groups of objects and establish relationships between them.

The only drawback of such diagrams is that they can be used only to determine the general qualities of the objects under consideration and do not provide information on the number of objects.

Venn diagrams: what are they for?

Venn diagrams are used to compare the initial data in two cases:

  1. data is too complex to understand;
  2. there are problems in identifying the relationships between these data.

Thanks to the visual form of information presentation and its simplicity, the process of comprehension and analysis of compared objects is much easier. That’s why they are widely used in presentations.

Recommendations for the creation of Venn diagrams

Drawing a Venn diagram is not a complicated process, which involves only four stages:

  • On the first stage, the groups of objects that you need to compare are counted – their number should be equal to the number of circles in your diagram.
  • The second stage is drawing the first circle. Keep in mind that to draw the scheme correctly, you should depict it a little from the center.
  • Draw the second circle, so that it partially overlaps the first circle.
  • Name each group of elements and identify the circles.

The composition of the slide

This slide is designed to present the results of an analysis, a report, and some research. The slide has all necessary tools for the creation of an informative project: here you’ll find built-in tools, standard fonts, retina ready, necessary aspect ratios. The slide is well-structured and information can be presented visually. A clear convenient diagram is in the center of the slide and on the sides, text blocks are located. Such information visualization allows you clear information presenting. Thus, your audience won’t get bored. The slide is supported by various versions of PowerPoint software.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. High quality. High quality is an obligatory requirement for all our slides, because we want you to feel confident while working with our templates. Frequently, being present in a meeting or conference, you can notice that the speakers have problems with their visual aid: the presentation can go beyond the edges of the display, have visible defects. Therefore, with our slide you’ll be protected from such inconveniences. No visible defects. We guarantee only high quality while working with any high-resolution displays.
  1. Editable vector elements. There is an opportunity to edit built-in tools. Thus, you can edit colors, shape and other vector elements to your taste.
  1. A multipurpose slide. As it was said the method is widely used, therefore, the slide can also be used in a variety of fields and projects.
  1. A premade easy-to-use slide. It is possible to create projects in a few minutes as all you need is to insert necessary information! This option saves time and simplifies your work. Choosing this slide, you’ll get a professional working assistant of high quality that will support you at a meeting, conference, so on.
  2. Free 247 support

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