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Looking for a standout timeline templates? Dive into our vertical timeline PPT template free download. It’s the perfect solution for visually representing milestones, historical events, and more.

Vertical Timeline PPT Template: Free Download, Engaging & Editable

  • Free Download: Yes, it’s entirely free! Save money without compromising quality.
  • Versatile Formats: Useable on Google Slides (PPTX), Keynote (KEY), and PowerPoint (PPTX).
  • Perfect Aspect Ratios: Choose between 16:9 and 4:3 to fit your presentation needs.

Key Features of This Template

  1. Single Slide, Multiple Uses: This template comprises one versatile slide.
  2. Intuitive Design: Our timeline presentation is linear, easy to follow, and designed to make complex information easy to comprehend.
  3. Customizable: From the font to the icon, modify as you need. It’s designed to be your next presentation’s design inspiration.
  4. Graphic Excellence: Illustrate your company’s progress over time or depict historical events with clarity using our timeline infographics.

Timeline Uses & More

  • Project Management: This vertical timeline template can be used by project managers to illustrate the sequence of events or business plan progression.
  • Business Presentations: Highlight your company milestones, provide clarity with a visual representation image, or use it for HR purposes.
  • Historical Overviews: Displaying historical events? Our timeline in PowerPoint layout format ensures the information is presented chronologically.

Additional Information

  • Template Type: Vertical Timeline PowerPoint Templates.
  • Do-It-Yourself: Add text box details, change the arrow chart direction, or overlap for design flair.
  • HR and More: Whether it’s a business presentation or HR process diagram, this template has got you covered.


For your next project, whether it’s a project management timeline or a chronological depiction of company milestones, choose our vertical timeline PPT. Make it easier to present, and give your audience an infographic they’ll remember. Download now for free and add visual prowess to your presentations.


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