Thermometer Chart Templates

Looking to create a visual representation of your data? Dive into our collection of thermometer chart templates. Whether you’re using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides, we’ve got you covered. These templates are perfect for tracking progress towards a goal, be it sales targets, fundraising milestones, or any other metric.

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Showing 13–13 of 13 results

Why Use a Thermometer Chart?

A thermometer chart is a powerful tool to visually track and display progress. Much like a thermometer, it fills up as you move closer to your target value. It’s especially used when analyzing sales performance of regions or gauging employee satisfaction ratings vs the target. With its editable and customizable features, you can easily format the data series, select your secondary axis, and adjust the tick mark to represent your actual value and the target.

Detailed Features of Our Thermometer Chart Templates

1. Versatility in Options: Our slides come in both free and premium versions. Whether you’re a charity organization looking for a donation tracker or a business aiming to analyze sales performance of regions, there’s something for everyone.

2. Multiple Downloadable Formats:

  • PPT: Ideal for presentations, easily right-click to edit.
  • PDF (export from PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote): Perfect for printable versions or sharing.
  • Word: Offers a fillable format for dynamic data entry.

3. Design and Interactivity: Our interactive slides are more than just static graphics. They’re designed to be fillable, making them perfect for fundraising events or sales tracking. With features like temperature indicators and drawing tools, you can visually represent data in a good way.

4. Customization at Your Fingertips:

  • Format Data Series: Adjust the data representation as per your needs.
  • Format Axis: Customize the axis option to represent data accurately.
  • Color and Design: From meter designs to graph aesthetics, make it your own.

5. Step-by-Step Guidance: We ensure that creating a thermometer chart is a breeze. Our sheet come with a step by step guide, showing you the exact steps you need to follow. From setting the maximum bound between 0 and 1 to reaching step 7 where your thermometer chart is ready, we’ve got you covered.

6. Advanced Features for Professionals:

  • Tracker Tools: Essential for businesses used to track performance metrics.
  • Data Entry: Easily enter a value and watch the chart adjust.
  • Comparison: View how data compared with the target value and understand target percentage.
  • Datasets: Handle multiple such datasets with ease, whether for regions or sales rep performance.

7. User-Friendly Interface: Our diagram are designed with users in mind. Whether you need to make a quick adjustment or need to change the entire stack of data, the intuitive pane ensures a smooth experience.

Expand Your Dashboard

Beyond the classic thermometer chart, explore other visuals like the bullet chart, gauge, and column chart. These can be seamlessly integrated into your dashboard to offer a comprehensive view of your data. Whether you’re tracking employee satisfaction ratings vs the target or analyzing sales performance of regions, our diagram provide the visual clarity you need.

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Don’t wait. If you want to create a compelling diagram that showcases your progress towards a goal, download our thermometer chart templates now. With both free and premium options available, achieving a professional look has never been easier.