Maslow need hierarchy PPT

What is Maslow need hierarchy ppt template for?

On this page, we release our new Maslow need hierarchy ppt template. On the sample of the slide, there is the pyramid that is comprised of five multicolored levels. Each of them is equipped with a separate text block.

The Maslow’s pyramid is a particular diagram in which all human needs are hierarchically represented. The first mention of the pyramid can be found in the German-language literature of the 70s of the 20th century. Nowadays, it can be found in many educational materials on psychology and marketing. Maslow motivation theories are actively used in the economy and business and are of great importance for consumer behavior.

According to the model, there are five levels of human needs:

  1. Physiological needs (sleep, food, water, breath, etc.);
  2. Safety (a reliable partner, insurance, unbreakable windows);
  3. Love and social relations (friendship, belonging to a group of interest, a beloved);
  4. Recognition (in a profession, hobby);
  5. Self-realization (search for harmony in the world, the truth, your destiny).

The advantages of the template:

  1. High quality. We do not release poor-quality slides. On our site, users will find only high-quality approved elements. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ppt template was properly tested. It is guaranteed that the slide will not have defects.
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