Funnel Diagram Templates for Keynote

Are you going to deliver a speech on sales funnel and need a professional template? In this section, we gathered dozens of unique and creative funnel shapes. If your task is to explain the stages of getting clients, one of our slides will help you not only visualize information but also make this topic vivid and interesting.

Each funnel template displayed in the section has a number of obligatory features:

  • These are high-quality slides without defects;
  • They are as easy-to-use as possible. Users do not face any problems with them.
  • A set of built-in tools help make the workflow more convenient.
  • Multipurpose design and the ability to add a slide to any presentation.
  • A stylish and modern color theme.

Each sales funnel template has a unique structure, color theme, and style. However, all our products are made in a restrained minimalistic style to make it possible to add elements to different projects.

Our elements are professional tools for business and marketing projects. One of these templates will become a vivid visualization tool that will draw an audience’s attention to your topic. Our marketing funnel template will help make work easier, while your presentations will become clearer and more comprehensible.

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