Expo free PowerPoint template


Above an Expo free PowerPoint template is demonstrated. This presentation is different in its design. Smooth color palette of blue, violet and green distinguishes the presentation from the others. Generally, the template contains 19 unique slides. The version is designated especially for PowerPoint users. The main theme of the sample is geometric figures. That’s why there are a great number of triangles and rhombus. Besides ordinary slides with text and pictures there are a number of specially developed slides. This way, you can see for example step by step guidelines, pricing tables, percentage ratio and circle infographics. The slides are enumerated. The Expo free PowerPoint template is designed with symbol icons. They define and clarify information. Nearby infographics, tables and ratio text descriptions are given. We applied a standart font Arial here. The template will be useful both for educational projects, study, advertisement, conferences and meetings. If you want to get it, you are free to download the template and use for your own purposes. Do not doubt, it is available free of charge. We recommend you to read the license to get acquainted with the terms.