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Unlock the potential of your problem-solving process with our Fishbone Diagram Analysis Free Template. This blank slide is designed to help you visually organize potential causes of a specific issue, facilitating deeper analysis and targeted solutions. Let our template guide your team’s brainstorming sessions, ensuring a comprehensive and structured approach to any challenge.

Fishbone Diagram Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide

The fishbone diagram template, also known as the effect diagram, Ishikawa diagram, or cause-and-effect diagram, is a visual tool that facilitates root cause analysis. It enables professionals to brainstorm potential causes of a problem and streamline their problem-solving approach. The primary aim is to identify the root cause of a problem and ensure that the problem is approached from every angle.

Step-by-step Guide to Using Our Fishbone Diagram Template

  1. Choose Your Platform: Our cause and effect diagram is versatile. It’s available for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. The aspect ratio is a perfect 16:9, ensuring it fits most presentations seamlessly.
  2. Customizing Your Template: Being a full editable vector shape, you can easily customize the fishbone diagram maker according to your needs. This includes altering text boxes, adjusting the animation, or tweaking any part of the branch to represent the cause of a problem appropriately. You can make it as hierarchical or as simple as you like.
  3. Identifying the Problem Statement: At the head of the fishbone lies your problem statement. Clearly define the main problem you are trying to analyze.
  4. Brainstorming with Your Team: use the whiteboard function or other brainstorming and analysis tools to identify potential causes. Engage in structured brainstorming and consider using methods like the 5 whys to delve deeper into the root causes.
  5. Listing Down Major Categories: The major categories could include areas like manpower, resources, and processes. These main branches serve as the primary categories of causes. Remember, each main branch may have sub-causes and even deeper levels of causes. It’s imperative to brainstorm all the possible causes for a comprehensive analysis.
  6. Organizing Causes: Assign every cause to an appropriate category. Whether it’s a main cause, sub-cause, or falls under major categories, ensuring each cause is properly represented is crucial.
  7. Real-time Collaboration: Our template also lets teams collaborate in real-time, ensuring that no potential cause is missed out.
  8. Finalizing and Analysis: Once your fishbone diagram is complete, you can export it for further analysis, integrate it into process maps or presentations, or use it as a reference for future problem-solving endeavors.

Benefits of Using Our Fishbone Diagram Template

  • Efficiency: Our template provides a structured workflow, ensuring that all possible causes of the problem are identified.
  • Customizable: Whether you need a customizable fishbone or a blank fishbone, our tool caters to every need.
  • Collaborative: Engage in real-time discussions and bring different perspectives into the analysis.
  • Professional Design: With its sleek and professional design, our template can work in corporate presentations, Six Sigma discussions, and more.

Additional Resources

For those looking for more comprehensive tools, platforms like Canva, Creately, and Miro offer templates for fishbone diagrams that are customizable. While our tool focuses on simplicity and efficiency, these platforms might include advanced features for deeper analysis and real-time collaboration.

The fishbone diagram is a great tool, initially devised by Kaoru Ishikawa, to identify problems, delve into their underlying causes, and devise effective solutions. Whether you need to create a simple flowchart or generate deeper levels of causes, our free fishbone diagram templates are designed to streamline your problem-solving process.


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