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TOWS analysis is an advanced tool derived from the well-known SWOT analysis, focusing on external opportunities and threats and how they relate to a company’s internal strengths and weaknesses. By examining these four elements in tandem, organizations can formulate strategies to exploit external opportunities, counteract threats, capitalize on strengths, and address weaknesses. Essentially, TOWS helps businesses in strategic planning by identifying potential actions based on the intersection of internal and external factors.

Describing the TOWS Analysis Product

The TOWS matrix template is not just another planning tool; it’s a sophisticated instrument that dives deep into an organisation’s internal and external environment. Many are familiar with its precursor, the SWOT analysis. However, the TOWS analysis is an extension of the SWOT, emphasizing a more proactive and structured approach to developing strategic options.

Key Features of Our TOWS Matrix Template

  1. Platform Compatibility: This is a free template slide available for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.
  2. Design Aspect: Designed with an aspect ratio of 16:9, it ensures a wide and comprehensive view for your presentations.
  3. Customization: Full editable vector shape. This means you can easily modify shapes, colors, and text to suit your organisation’s branding and specific needs.

Advantages of Using the TOWS Matrix

  • Strategic Clarity: The TOWS matrix allows businesses to match up the strengths with external opportunities, thereby helping to take advantage of opportunities in the market. It also looks into combining weaknesses and threats to avoid or minimise potential risks.
  • Flexibility: Unlike the SWOT, where the order is typically strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, then threats, the TOWS uses a different arrangement, placing a higher emphasis on external forces first.
  • In-depth Analysis: The TOWS matrix helps organisations gain a better understanding of their position in the market. By examining weaknesses and opportunities or strengths and threats, you can derive strategic options available for your business.
  • Heritage: Developed by Heinz Weihrich, the TOWS analysis is a variant of the SWOT. The main purpose of a TOWS analysis, as Weihrich proposed, was to develop strategies that take into account the external environment while building on individual strengths.

How to Use the TOWS Matrix Template

  1. Understanding the Acronym: The acronym stands for threats (T), opportunities (O), weaknesses (W), and strengths (S). The main purpose of a TOWS analysis is to use this tool for situational analysis.
  2. Initiate with External Analysis: Begin by listing down the threats and opportunities in the external environment. This could range from potential threats in distribution channels to new markets or even shifts in digital marketing trends.
  3. Proceed with Internal Analysis: Document the internal strengths and weaknesses. These could relate to brand recognition, skills within the team, or any competitive edge the organisation may possess.
  4. Develop Strategies: Using the matrix, derive strategies based on how the organisation can:
    • Maximise opportunities using their strengths (SO or maxi-mini strategy).
    • Reduce threats by leveraging strengths (ST).
    • Utilise strengths to mitigate threats (WT or mini-maxi strategy).
    • Take advantage of opportunities to improve weaknesses (WO).
  5. Presentation: Use the slide template to present your findings and proposed strategies to stakeholders. The clear layout and design will ensure your audience can easily follow and understand your strategic planning processes.

The difference between SWOT and TOWS is subtle yet significant. While both are tools for businesses to analyze and formulate strategies, the TOWS matrix provides a reverse order and a focused approach to strategic planning. Its ability to combine internal and external forces makes it a valuable action tool, ensuring that strategies developed have the greatest potential for success. Whether you’re into strategic marketing or want to gain a competitive advantage, this template will provide clarity and direction in your endeavors.


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