Google slides timeline template

What is this Google Slides timeline template for?

On this sample, users will find a new Google Slides timeline template. A creative circular timeline is placed in the center of the slide. Four text blocks surround the diagram. The timeline allows covering 12 years. Schematically, the circle is cut into 12 parts; thus, each segment denotes one year. Within each segment, it is possible to indicate the duration of several processes.

The timeline serves as a useful visualization tool for many purposes. Frequently, office employees whose responsibilities include projects creation choose such elements for work. It helps to attractively display information, visualize complex parts of a speech, as well as diversify monotonous speeches and draw listeners’ attention. This yearly timeline is designed for a great variety of projects including educational, scientific, business ones.

The advantages of the slide:

  1. Perfect quality. If a user has the task to make timelines, this template will become his/ her assistance. It is a unique professional tool. The quality of the timeline is approved. It means that no problems with quality will appear. Speakers can display the element on any devices.
  1. Free download. The slide can be downloaded in a few clicks. It is absolutely free for our customers.
  1. Multipurpose element. The timeline is aimed at visualizing the chronology of events, scheduling upcoming actions and meetings. It is also possible to use the element to describe the development of a company, point out the milestones.
  1. Easy-to-use and premade template. The main task of our Google Slides timeline template is to help users and make their work as convenient and efficient as possible. Choose this slide to simplify responsibilities and create presentations in a few minutes.

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